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Aapparitions 2


as one listens to time,

light imperceptible silght the passing

effervescence from an empty bottle of perfume…

smells of must on walls there but not there…

seconds that are turgid 

minutes that loiter and suddenly take flight


the night is yet to arrive,

but the apparitions 

they already begin to crowd the corner
of the eye
a murmur of syllables from an imagined language
that I believe I understand
as one waits out this pause
that wait for coalescence - the longing for form
for definitions that bind one to meaning
as one waits out this pause
listen to me as one listens to time
innately -like a baby

listen to the here,and now
to the weightlessness of dreams
the shriveled contraction in the season
that shall flutter away with the whispers
to the me
that is bigger than the sum of
all my loneliness es.

crafter, image maker, poet, 

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves"

Thomas Edison

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©2018 by Sonalee Hardikar.

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